Employees: Our Biggest Assets

TOG has you covered with specialists in all fields from health and safety to field technicians. Each person brings a unique skill set that contributes to the success of the company and helps position us as one of the top remote communications companies in Western Canada.

The Executive Team

Walter Nordhagen

Diane Nordhagen
Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Swenson
Chief Technical Officer

Support Team

Tamara Fricke
General Manager

Kat Macfarlane
Sales + Business Development

Kevin Hughes
Sales Associate

Chad Custer
Dispatch Supervisor

Micah Fricke
Technical Supervisor

Tim Fishleigh
Shop Supervisor

Troy Irvine
Calgary Area Supervisor

Jordan Longson
Accounts Payable

Brena Harding 
Accounts Receivable

Randy Nordhagen

The Field Team

TOG Systems has an elite team of highly skilled and experienced field technicians that are full-time employees and an integral part of TOG. Our techs are your first line of defense in the field and are people that you can count on to be on permanent standby for all your communications needs from phone consultations, to installation and 24/7 service. With extensive training and field experience under their belts, we are proud to say that our techs are some of the most qualified and respected in the industry.

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