Security + Surveillance

TOG Systems is now working with leading industry experts to bring a line of security and surveillance products to customers with unique needs. We can integrate a variety of these products into communications solutions for last-mile deployment, mobile or remote locations. From security cameras to mobile trailers, we can source, modify and design a custom solution to suit all of your needs.

These are examples of our industry partners use of the security and surveillance products we will use to design and develop customized systems for you.

  • Smart Pole
    A permanent all-in-one security and surveillance solution
  • Commander 3400
    Mobile security and surveillance trailer for rapid deployment
  • Falcon 3100
    Portable trailer with integrated security and communications technology
  • Power Sentry
    Rugged portable or permanent all-in-one surveillance solution
  • Gate Sentry
    Easily deployed security where you need it
  • Hitch Sentry
    Portable surveillance system for sites or events with remote and instant access
  • Hopbox Cam
    Portable, easy-to-use surveillance with integrated communications technology

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