Security + Surveillance

TOG Systems is now working with leading industry experts to bring a line of security and surveillance products to customers with unique needs. We can integrate a variety of products into communications solutions for last-mile deployment, mobile or remote locations. From security cameras to mobile trailers, we can source, modify or design a custom solution to suit all of your needs.

These are some of our products that we use to design and develop customized systems

  • Smart Pole
    A permanent all-in-one security and surveillance solution
  • Commander 3400
    Mobile security and surveillance trailer for rapid deployment
  • Falcon 3100
    Portable trailer with integrated security and communications technology
  • Power Sentry
    Rugged portable or permanent all-in-one surveillance solution
  • Gate Sentry
    Easily deployed security where you need it
  • Hitch Sentry
    Portable surveillance system for sites or events with remote and instant access
  • Hopbox Cam
    Portable, easy-to-use surveillance with integrated communications technology

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