Our health and safety program is a core component of our business and an integral part of every job we do.

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for both our customers and staff and are SECOR certified company. There are four essential core principles to our safety program:

  • Every employee is responsible for a safe workplace. Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation and compliance with all aspects of the TOG health and safety program. All employees are encouraged to bring concerns, improvements, and ideas to meetings, allowing them to actively participate in continuously improving the safety program.
  • Management solicits and responds to employee health and safety concerns. Management works closely with staff and accepts responsibility for leading and effectively implementing the program. Employees are actively involved in reviewing and updating the program.
  • Any employee who discovers an unsafe condition must report it immediately. Each employee is responsible for investigating every accident promptly and thoroughly to find the root cause and correct the problem to prevent it from recurring. At TOG Systems, this is done by everyone in the company, including employees, managers, and owners. Employees receive incident investigation training annually, helping to ensure that all incidents are investigated thoroughly.
  • Employees are responsible for complying with all rules and regulations. This involves continually using safe work practices and procedures while performing their duties.

Both employees and employers share the responsibility for safety. TOG Systems has made safety a priority and this is demonstrated by owner involvement, financial commitment to ongoing improvements, and continued maintenance of the TOG health and safety program and ongoing employee safety training.

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