Communications Trailers

communications trailers

Immediate access to voice and data communications wherever you need it.


This immediately deployable, self-contained trailer is a sophisticated communications infrastructure that provides power generation, cellular services, satellite, tower, lighting and a wireless distribution system. The self-powered unit provides access to voice and data within minutes and the external power port allows you to plug in your onsite office trailer (no need for separate generator).


Communications Trailer Benefits

  • Rapid deployment – Can be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Multiple sources of internet – Including satellite, cellular and/or microwave
  • Remote management – From proactive monitoring to trouble shooting and fixing problems
  • Equipment in one location – Houses all site communications equipment into one location removing the need for components to be stored in the rig manager or consultant’s office trailers
  • Self-contained system – Provides an environmentally controlled compartment for all electronic components of the communications system that can withstand extreme Canadian weather and harsh worksites
  • Minimal ground disturbance – portable trailer allows for rapid deployment minimizing site impact
  • Customizable – Ability to customize to each customer’s unique needs with several additional services (i.e. lighting, rig phones, Wi-Fi)

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