Cellular Boosters


In remote areas, cell boosters are a first line of defence in keeping your site online and connected with both voice and data.

Cellular Booster (BDAs)They increase your cell phone coverage to reduce interruptions and dropped calls. TOG Systems has helped shape the technology of cellular boosters (also known as repeaters) used in the oil and gas industry today.

During the peak drilling season, areas of the province will often become highly active with rigs and camps running cell boosters. Some of these boosters are improperly installed and create problems on the carrier’s cell tower, affecting service for an entire area.

The normal seasonal increase in voice and data traffic can also create an overwhelming volume of traffic on the cell towers, causing issues in an otherwise good coverage area. In these situations, we work in cooperation with the cell carriers to restore the integrity of the cellular network. This is just one way TOG can often bring cell service to a site that was previously unusable.

Single Band

A single band booster will amplify an 800 MHz frequency coverage area.

Dual Band

A dual band booster will amplify both the 800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies, giving you clearer voice and faster data on your site.

Cellular Booster Benefits

  • Reduced number of dropped calls
  • Increased data speeds on devices
  • Increased coverage on a location

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