Cellular Services


TOG has a number of different cellular services including both voice and data.

Cellular voice

  • Cellular boosters – Optimize your site’s cellular signal coverage with a booster and distribution system for either single or dual band.
  • Voice gateways – Bring your office to your remote site with voice gateways.

Cellular data

  • Data stick – High-speed, wireless internet connection for an individual user
  • Voice and data hubs – High-speed internet for one or more users (wi-fi or ethernet cable) and optional voice line
  • Machine-to-machine modems – Commercial-grade data modems that provide high-speed internet for one or more users

Network Management

TOG Systems has a sophisticated network management solution that works over all of our networks, whether satellite, cellular, or microwave. This comprehensive hardware and software solution allows us to remotely monitor and manage multiple users or sites, tailor usage, provide detailed diagnostics and reports, and remotely troubleshoot problems, reducing the need for service calls or onsite IT support. Learn more.

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