Computer Packages


TOG Systems can customize a computer package to suit your needs. All packages come with 24-hour NOC support and include the most recent hardware and software.

Standard office packages

  • Business-class laptop
  • External monitor (minimum 23”)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (or specified operating system)
  • Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Multi-function scanner/printer
  • Commercial-grade UPS included (power conditioner battery backup)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse


  • Additional monitors available
  • Company-specific software installed upon request

Network Management

TOG Systems has a sophisticated network management solution that works over all of our networks, whether satellite, cellular, or microwave. This comprehensive hardware and software solution allows us to remotely monitor and manage multiple users or sites, tailor usage, provide detailed diagnostics and reports, and remotely troubleshoot problems, reducing the need for service calls or onsite IT support. Learn more.

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