Integrated Communications Systems


The Latest Solution for Remote Communications with Management Capabilities

Integrated Communications SystemsThe Integrated Communications System (ICS) offers an integrated system for delivering and managing Internet service on remote sites. ICS is a complete network that brings a new and very high level of bandwidth availability, site visibility and management capabilities to where you need it most…your job site.

The ICS combines multiple Internet sources into one larger connection that is distributed throughout your site via a meshed, secured wireless network. This provides a high level of redundancy and failover not previously available, making clients less vulnerable to outages. If one source goes down, the ICS will continue to run uninterrupted as long as at least one Internet source is still active. The ICS is easily scalable and can support up to 12 Internet connections in one large pipe to service any size site.

The ICS has enterprise-grade firewall and advanced security features. It provides Layer 7 visibility and traffic shaping, allowing TOG to remotely manage sites right down to the individual user. TOG can remotely adjust the load balance, change the source preferences, or even manage users or programs based on company specifications.

Remote and Preference Manager

Effective network monitoring allows TOG to respond proactively to analysis rather than reactively to issues. That means instead of you calling your provider to report problems, TOG may call you to report modifications that are keeping your business functioning. The ability to effectively manage your site remotely means fewer service calls, saving you time and money. ICS visibility allows TOG to match client usage to their preferences. As preferences develop, TOG can adjust usage allowances. Clients manage business through connectivity, while TOG manages the connectivity itself, keeping individuals connected to their world without overwhelming the system.

ICS Benefits

  • Combines satellite, cellular and microwave networks into ONE pipe
  • Increases bandwidth availability and throughput
  • Scalable and allows TOG to serve multiple clients or vendors on the same site (i.e. medics, consultants, well-site data system provider)
  • Provides redundancy and reliability that can’t be achieved with any single source
  • Provides Layer 7 site visibility and allows for remote management

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