Internet Services


Access to reliable, high-speed internet is essential in today’s world. Whether in Houston, Calgary, or Rainbow Lake, your business and employees must stay connected, and TOG is here to help.

We know each site is different and has unique challenges, so we will provide you with the right technology for your site’s needs. All internet services include wireless distribution (no cables) and provide controlled and secure service.

Microwave Network Services: Last Mile Networking

TOG Systems can provide a dedicated link to your site through our microwave network, which is:

  • Private
  • Scalable (varying bandwidth)
  • Secure

Please contact us at 780-356-3965 for more information on this communications solution.

Network Management

TOG Systems has a sophisticated network management solution that works over all of our networks, whether satellite, cellular, or microwave. This comprehensive hardware and software solution allows us to remotely monitor and manage multiple users or sites, tailor usage, provide detailed diagnostics and reports, and remotely troubleshoot problems, reducing the need for service calls or onsite IT support. Learn more.

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