Long-Range Wireless Phone System

Long-Range WIRELESS Phone System

TOG Systems has pioneered a wireless  phone system that is unlike anything currently on the market.

Wireless Rig Phone SystemsTOG Systems has developed one of the most reliable, secure and powerful wireless phone systems on the market today.

Our industrial phone system has been custom built to meet Class 1 Div 2 specifications and has a range of over one kilometre clear line of site.

Each handset is assigned one of 65,000 codes by the master unit when it is registered to a system.  During a call, the system will change channels 200 times per second. This combination makes the system very secure.

In the event of a power outage, the system will continue to run and keep your crew connected with the ability to communicate in a potentially hazardous time.

Our phone systems also allow for the integration of outside lines, which allows you to clear up space on your desk and eliminate multiple phones in each shack.

Long-Range Wireless Phone System Benefits

  • Secure (military-grade frequency)
  • Integrate outside lines
  • System continues to run in a power outage
  • No setup or service required between site relocations
  • Expandable (add up to 36 handsets to each system)

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