Portable Towers


Portable communications towers are designed to help deploy communications equipment quickly and easily

Portable towers are very effective in a number of situations, including increasing existing site capacity or overcoming limitations of difficult sites, and for emergency communications, site repair, disaster recovery, or temporary sites.

TOG Systems has a large fleet of towers ranging in height from 50 to 106 feet, enabling field technicians to provide increased site coverage for you and your staff by establishing optimal antenna separation on locations. On a drilling site, using a portable tower eliminates the need to have a third-party contractor climb the rig during rig up and service calls. A portable tower also eliminates disruption of services during rig skids or laydowns.

Portable Communications Towers Benefits

  • Rapid deployment
  • Small footprint with zero ground disturbance
  • Ideal for pad work and camps
  • Increased safety (no climbing hazard)
  • Last mile deployment

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