Satellite Services


We’re committed to helping our customers do business in a variety of distant locations and harsh environments without incurring downtime. Satellite communications can be critical in getting a site connected and protecting your operations, facilities, and crew.

Satellite Benefits

  • Reliable availability and high-speed data rates
  • Rapid deployment to your field operations
  • Multiple voice line options with clear, secure voice calls
  • Wireless distribution
  • A variety of speeds and packages available to optimize financial and bandwidth requirements
  • Auto-acquisition dish (auto mover) available
  • Built-in redundancy (cellular back up)



TOG is a leader in providing voice and data services to customers in remote locations. We offer a wide variety of  satellite communications models including static set ups as well as auto-mover satellite dishes that ensure a reliable connection under the most challenging conditions. We work closely with our satellite providers to ensure maximum uptime for our clients. All field-deployed satellite systems are part of an integrated system with a redundant form of internet to ensure continuous connectivity.

For customers who require a VOIP solution (Voice over IP or internet calls), we utilize a direct-to-NOC VOIP system to increase reliability and uptime.

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