Secure Your site with TOG Surveillance Security Systems

Businesses have been affected in many different ways over the past year during this pandemic. Supply and demand have driven up prices on everything from toothbrushes to houses. Most recently, lumber prices have exploded, and thieves are capitalizing on it. Companies are having to keep a much keener eye on assets and TOG is here to help with our surveillance security systems.

Camera systems are increasingly becoming more vital on urban and rural worksites and have several benefits:

  • Theft and vandalism prevention – Cameras and other system components are excellent deterrents
  • Safety – Review footage immediately when incidents happen 
  • Training – Capture footage on a site to review when training staff

TOG Systems will work with your team to determine the right product to fit your security needs whether it is plug-and-play or a customized solution.

Components of a typical system:

  • Cameras – Combine any number of cameras (bullet or pan/tilt/zoom) into a system to cover a specific area
  • Video recording – Footage is recorded in high definition and is accessible from either a local viewing station or remotely online
  • 4G LTE cellular modem – To allow for viewing from anywhere

Additional options for consideration:

  • Two-way audio – Allows either on-site personnel or a third party remote monitoring company to communicate with people on the site
  • Remote monitoring – Systems integrate with third-party security companies so they can monitor your cameras 24/7 and alert local law enforcement immediately when suspicious activity occurs
  • Perimeter alarms – Sensors built along a designated perimeter that trigger an alert when crossed


Problem: A customer came to us after they had experienced multiple thefts from their construction storage yard. The yard was fenced and up to that point it had been enough to keep people out.

Solution: After a site survey and because of a lack of power on-site, it was determined that the self-powered ROVER would provide the best option. The unit provided lighting to a critical location within the yard and included multiple cameras, motion sensors and two-way audio. Email alerts were set up for the site supervisor providing the client with a snapshot of any activity detected during specific hours.

Results: The customer appreciated the ease of setup and after two months of deployment experienced no additional theft. 

Installation and support:

Our team can install a system and get eyes on your site in a quick timeframe. Most camera systems are stocked and ready to go, however, some solutions require a longer lead time for customizations.

Rental or purchase options:

For all systems, TOG offers either monthly rental or purchase options. Pricing will vary depending on several factors including camera type and additional accessories.

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base camera system

Get up and running with our BASE CAMERA SYSTEM in minutes. No bells and whistles here, just two cameras strategically placed on a site and a software program to remotely view either live or recorded footage.

ROVER – Limited Availability!

The ROVER is a portable solution with a highly visible presence on any site. It includes multiple accessories from cameras and light bars to motion sensors, two-way audio and more. The 36’ mast allows for the wide coverage of a site and the system includes multiple power sources including a generator, solar panels and battery pack.


The SCOUT is a networked, wireless camera system is great for a site that needs several areas covered and includes a viewing station for ease of use.


The SENTRY is a powerful application that can be mounted on a wall or pole. This system requires power but includes back up batteries for power shortages. Accessories can easily be added to the unit.


The VIGIL is a semi-permanent or permanent solution that works well at gates, entrances, other facility or site locations. Get a 360° view with the VIGIL and add accessories as required including card reader, license plate reader, alarms and more.

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